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Empowering Small Holder Farmers In Every Step

Our Approach

Grown Farm Incubator Foundation

We support small-scale farmers to sustain themselves and their families with just farming by providing access to agronomic knowledge, financing and farming tools. We also help them link to premium markets that provides fair prices for their harvest.


Melise Maganga is a farmer from Malawi. She has recently harvested her ginger and is showing us the quality of produce that she has grown from her allocated plot. Melise wishes to build a house of her own.


Phadindra Bhagale is a smallholder farmer from Nepal and is currently being trained on off season onion production.

India (North - East)

Utpal wishes to start his own farming business and wants to finish building his house from the farming income in India.

Join us to create a healthy planet with happy farmers.

You can also help a farmer become profitable and sustainable.

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