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570million (84%) of the world’s farmers are smallholders, cultivating on 2 hectares or less. Yet they only supply 30% of the food produced globally and the smaller the farmer the larger the challenges.
We created the GROWN Farm Incubator Foundation in order to address some of these challenges, starting with the smallest farmers there are, holding 0.4 hectares or less. We want to enable these farmers to sustain themselves and their families by farming alone.

To do so, our foundation supports farmers with:
– Farming Inputs
– Market Access
– Training & Advisory
– Renewable Energy Irrigation
– Financing throughout their growing season and first cover of losses

We operate as a non profit organization under the laws of the The Netherlands and collaborate with selected organizations that work directly with farmers in Nepal, North East India and Malawi.


Pratap Thapa
Head of board
Lennart Buddelmann
Fred Henny

Our Management Plan In a Nutshell



To enable smallholder farmers to support themselves and their families by farming alone.


We raise funds from crowd, large foundations and CSR funds of companies. We apply a modular fundraising strategy in which we subdivide fundraisers in farming clusters of 25-40 smallholder farmers.
Fund Management

Fund Management

We do not seek to make profit and operate based on an annual budget which is reviewed on semi-annual basis. Annual financial statements and donations are published on this website.
Dedication Of Funds

Dedication Of Funds

The foundation is running on a shoe-string budget to channel as much funding to farmers as possible. Farming clusters to be supported are selected based on fixed criteria.
Compensation Policy

Compensation Policy

All members of our foundation board work on a voluntary basis and do not seek financial benefits from their position. They do not receive any compensation for working hours. There is an attendance compensation for meetings which is determined by the board, highlighted in the management plan and within the permissible fiscal limits.

Financials & Compliance

The Grown Farm Incubator Foundation is a non-profit organization operating under Dutch law. As also highlighted in our Articles of Association (see below) our organization does not intend to make a profit but only operates to serves its cause of supporting smallholder farmers. The Grown Farm Incubator Foundation does also not seek to accumulate more funds than needed for the support of its selected projects and to ensure its existence.

Join us to create a healthy planet with happy farmers.

You can also help a farmer become profitable and sustainable.

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