Our Approach

The goal of our foundation
Small-scale farmers are faced with number of challenges including lack of knowledge, farming inputs, technologies and market access to realize the profit that can sustain themselves through farming alone. We work together with smallholder farmers to create a profitable, resilient and ecologically sustainable growth in their farms to turn their small farm into a thriving business. 

How we work
Farmers we support are marginal farmers with less than 0.5 acres of lands to work on. These farmers do not farm in the dry season at all. The average base line income of these farmers from farming activities are around EUR 72 per year. We aim to increase the income of marginal farmers by up to 8 times. Grown Farm Incubator Foundation donates money to verified local entities that directly work with these farmers on the ground. These local entities are verified entities of aQysta and support farmers with irrigation technology, training and market access.

Where we work
Until this moment our foundation works exclusively in Nepal, Malawi and the North Eastern states of India.

How we raise funds
Grown Farm Incubator Foundation raises donations from organizations and individuals, through proposals, online donations and crowdfunding platforms.

Join us to create a healthy planet with happy farmers.

You can also help a farmer become profitable and sustainable.

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